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Zofran Lawsuit Resources

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The Rising Lawsuits for Zofran


Zofran, a drug used to treat nausea and was prescribed to pregnant women to treat morning sickness has been connected to lots of reports with regards to birth defects. During the pregnancy of a women, if she take this medicine, there's a bigger possibility that the baby will have birth defects such as septal heart defects, cleft palate, etc.


Zofran is approved by FDA to treat nausea for patients who are undergoing surgery and chemotherapy. This drug has been out in the market for more than 20 years. Can a pregnant woman take Zofran?  You can visit to learn more about it.


Zofran is not to be taken by women in their pregnancy stage. Zofran was classified by FDA as Pregnancy Category B medicine, which means that no one can tell it it's safe for pregnant women. Pregnant women must consult their doctors if they have questions regarding this drug. Zofran is also connected to fatal side effects for women who are pregnant.


In 2013, a study was conducted to find out if Zofran can be blamed to birth defects and the data showed that there is no connection between birth defects and Zofran, but there are other studies who contradicted the conclusion of that study.


Other studies done have findings that associated Zofran to birth defects. Zofran is also connected to heart problems.


In the late of 2014, a study conducted in Sweden showed that Zofran cleft lip can double the possibility of a septal heart defect to occur. The conclusion was based on the data which includes 1349 babies whose mothers got exposed to this drug during the pregnancy.


Zofran can cause cleft palate. Zofran was also connected to the increase risk of babies to have cleft palate. This conclusion was based on the study conducted where around 9000 pregnant women joined to be part of the study.


Based on the study conducted by Australian researches, Zofran can cause obstruction to ureter and renal pelvis. Such obstruction can lead to kidney problems. But because the study was only using small data, it can be considered imprecise.


The known birth defects that is caused by Zofran are heart defects, atrial septal defect, cleft palate, fetal growth restriction, hydronephrosis, heart murmur, ventricular septal defect, cleft lip, musculoskeletal defects, kidney defects, hypospadia, etc. Read this:



Another fatal condition that is associated with Zofran is serotonin syndrome, which can be dangerous to both the life of the fetus and the women carrying the fetus. The common symptoms for this condition are rapid heartbeat, confusion, shivering, seizures, muscle rigidity, higher fever, behavioral change, loss of consciousness, etc.


Many pregnant women who took Zofran also took an antidepressants, which can cause the risk to increase.


In Dec. 2014, a proven way to treat morning sickness was introduced.


Because a safe treatment for morning sickness is already available, women won't have to take other medications that can cause medical issues to them and to their babies as well.